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Eggplant — the Cruiser’s Friend

One of the vegetables that you can find in some form in most parts of the world is eggplant.  I didn’t cook much with eggplant until we started cruising, but now it’s one of my “go to” veggies aboard because … Continue reading

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“Season to Taste” — What exactly does that mean?

In many recipes you’ll see the words, “season to taste”.  Most cooks just throw in a little salt and pepper and hope for the best, but there are some useful techniques to produce better tasting food.  With the recipe below, … Continue reading

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Hot Weather Cooking — Beat the Heat Aboard

Cooking while cruising in hot climates can be daunting. Cruisers in places like Central America or the Sea of Cortez in the summer tend to eat out, or make meals aboard of cold food or easily prepared snacks. Sometimes, though, … Continue reading

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Dealing with a Whole Chicken

While chicken is available almost everywhere in the world, in some places it doesn’t come neatly portioned into boneless breasts, or even into bone-in parts.  So, assuming you don’t want to roast a whole chicken in your galley stove, what … Continue reading

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Cooking up a Childhood Memory

Recently my childhood best friend, Connie, reminded me about our favorite lunch from the elementary school cafeteria.  We always called it “runover chicken”, but it was actually creamed chicken over mashed potatoes.  I decided to try to recreate the recipe … Continue reading

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