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Homemade Biscuit Mix

This blog post is by request of  fellow cruisers looking for something to replace Bisquick — a product that is hard to find in Mexico.  Bisquick-like biscuit mix is incredibly easy to make.  We did taste tests cooking biscuits and … Continue reading

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Fresh Mozzarella Revisited

When I first wrote about making fresh mozzarella aboard Legacy (Fresh Mozzarella) I noted that the texture of the cheese was different from what I was used to ashore.  Since I have access to a shore-based kitchen this summer, I … Continue reading

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“Season to Taste” — What exactly does that mean?

In many recipes you’ll see the words, “season to taste”.  Most cooks just throw in a little salt and pepper and hope for the best, but there are some useful techniques to produce better tasting food.  With the recipe below, … Continue reading

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Dealing with a Whole Chicken

While chicken is available almost everywhere in the world, in some places it doesn’t come neatly portioned into boneless breasts, or even into bone-in parts.  So, assuming you don’t want to roast a whole chicken in your galley stove, what … Continue reading

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Fresh Mozzarella

We love fresh mozzarella and it is the cheese that attracted me to cheese-making in the first place.  I’ve made it ashore, but this was the first year I tried making it aboard.  Our results, although delicious, were somewhat different … Continue reading

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